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FBT year end fast approaching!

The FBT (Fringe Benefit Tax) year end is fast approaching, 31 of March 2017

Fringe benefit can include:

  • Property
  • Motor vehicles
  • Other expense payments (loans repayments, child care costs, school fees and home internet and telephone costs etc).
  • Salary superannuation sacrificing

These need to be recorded and included in an annual Fringe Benefits Tax return.

On a lighter note, employees, you can discuss with your employer to provide any of the FBT exempt benefits listed below, in a salary sacrifice arrangement:

  • Portable electronic devices (such as a notepad or a tablet)
  • Computer Software (such as Microsoft Office or any Antivirus)
  • Protective work cloths
  • Tools
  • Stationery

Contact us if you want to learn more about salary sacrificing for yourself or as an employer.