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Accounting for startups

Fehons Services for startups

  • Checking if you are financially fit and ready for the challenge
  • Reviewing your finance
  • Setting up your business plan
  • Setting up your business goals
  • Helping you with your business plan and business strategy
  • Setting up a business structure
  • Assisting you on acquiring Government Grants
  • Providing tax advice especially for startups

Our approach

Before starting a startup you may need advice on areas such as :

  • Your product
    • Does it meet potential clients specific needs?
    • Does it satisfy any desires?
    • Is a solution to a problem?
    • Does it improve your potential clients situation?
  • Your marketing plan
    • Analyse the market
    • Find a target audience
    • Identify your competitors
    • Put into place an Action Plan
    • Put into place a cost effective online marketing plan
  • Government grants
    • Acquire information on Research & Development Grants (R&D Grants)
    • Acquire information on Entrepreneurs program
    • Acquire information on Growth Fund
    • Acquire information on Venture capital program
  • Malcolm Turnball’s initiative – Tax
    • Investors in start-ups will be able to claim tax rebates of up to $200,000 a year: as a 20% tax offset
    • Investor hold shares in a start-up for three years or more, invested amount exempt from capital gain
    • Established start-ups a 10 per cent tax rebate for venture capital investments to expand existing start-ups
    • Intangible assets – to be depreciated
    • Previous company losses can be claimed – multiple start ups

With us you can receive consultation on all the above matters at an extremely affordable price.

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