Social Progress Index

Weekly Economic Brief by Deloitte – What is Social Progress Index?

Fehons is part of Deloitte Black Ink® network and receives weekly updates by Deloitte. This week’s (13 July) economic brief about Australia has some interesting facts about Social Progress Index and the new ways of calculating GDP. The traditional methods are not sufficient anymore. With this brief you will get inform on:

  • What is the Social Progress Index and how it is connected to GDP
  • What is Australia’s Ranking in Social Progress Index
  • In which categories Australia thrived
  • What about other countries and their SPI
  • What SPI shows about youth

The UK and International section discusses about Brexit and how it will affect the European and Global Economy. You will also learn about some interesting facts. A highlight is below:


The Australian economy registered its 25th year of consecutive growth having last experienced a recession in 1991 and is on course to surpass the Netherlands’ modern
era record of 26 years of consecutive growth between 1982 and 2008

About the brief

The Deloitte economic brief – Social Progress Index and Brexit effects

This Weekly Economic Briefing is written by senior Deloitte Economist David Rumbens from Deloitte Access Economics in Australia. He provides a personal view on topical financial and economic issues.

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