About Us

About Fehons

Since 1964 and for over 50 years, Fehons has been providing accounting services to business and individuals from our Burwood office. Today and part of our 2016 initiative is the commencement a new division of the business Fehons –Grow. Fehons – Grow provides ‘cloud based’ accounting solutions. We see it as ‘Electrification’ ‘Putting clients on the grid’. Though the use of ‘cloud based’ applications and bank feeds the accounting process become seamless. We have constantly increased our use of technology to deliver high quality service levels to our clients all without losing that human interaction. We constantly strive to innovate, and as a result Fehons is at the forefront of the accounting services market, in sync with our clients’ needs. We have a clear vision of having the client at the forefront. This includes providing sensible and appropriate taxation solutions, your work completed on timely basis, access to senior staff and prompt replies to your queries.

About our services

Fehons provides a broad range of taxation, consulting as well as business and financial advisory services. Fehons focuses on providing these services to small and medium size businesses and individuals. We deliver structuring solutions, taxation planning, BAS lodgment, other ATO compliance requirements, all as a virtual Chief financial officer (CFO). Fehons – Grow “cloud accounting” solution reaches into your business to manage your bookkeeping and payroll needs. The focus is to provide a virtual CFO and your accounting systems are efficiently managed.

Our team

All our staff are university qualified and in the process of finalising their university studies. All senior staff is fully qualified or in the process of completing either the Institute of Chartered Accountants program or CPA Australia’s program.

Meet Our Team

Michael Wilson

Director and Chartered Accountant – SMSF Auditor

Michael Wilson is a Chartered Accountant and the leader of business services, taxation and SMSF division at Fehons. Michael has 26 years’ experience in the profession, including experience in business services at Coopers & Lybrand, a Big 4 accounting firm, and principal at Fehons for over 14 years. Michael has extensive experience in advising on the Australian Taxation system, importantly, using tax strategies for driving wealth and lowering tax bills. Michael has a unique style where he embeds himself, so he can focus on an overall strategy.

Ricky Wu

Senior Accountant – Chartered Accountant

Ricky is a young and creative Chartered Accountant with many years’ experience in business services and taxation advice. Ricky builds his credibility with his clients through protecting clients’ wealth and growing their businesses. Before entering the accounting profession, Ricky was running successfully his own wholesale business. Ricky is an active listener who is always ready to help clients satisfy their needs and achieve their goals. He will look after you!

Joan Mangan

Senior Accountant

Mrs Mangan is the senior accountant of the taxation team, having been in public practice for more than 50 years and a mother of 9 children! She is experienced in rural as well as city enterprises. She has good rapport with older clients and their interests. She has an eye for detail. She has been involved in rural properties over the years. Mrs Joan is a vibrant member of the team.

Maria Tentzeraki

Practice Manager and IT Coordinator

Maria is the practice manager of Fehons, overseeing workflow and operations and ensuring you will have a smooth experience. She also liaises with all accounting technology stack partners and supports clients in adopting information technology solutions to improve their workflow and tackle inefficiencies. Maria has over 20 years of experience in IT and Technical Training industry, having worked as a programmer in the banking sector and Big Tech (Oracle Pty Ltd). She recently completed subjects from the Diploma of Leadership and Management. Her personal interest is in Business Analysis and Operational Planning for small to medium size business. She will give you and your business more that the standard support.

Our Vision

  • A team work environment through a people orientated approach – team work
  • Doing our work with enthusiasm and integrity
  • Clients to respect our knowledge
  • Ensure we are an “A” grade business through continuous improvement

Our Purpose

We provide solutions to our clients that are realistic and achievable, so there is confidence and a clear mind to run businesses and for individuals in making correct decisions.
  • Our ultimate goal is for clients to achieve “financial well being”.
  • We want to drive our business as a “go to place”