Checklist to help you collect the documents for your  Company tax return

To complete your company tax return the following documents will be a good start:

Bank Statements from 01 July to 30 June of the financial year
The bank statement that has the balance at 30 June
Any personal expenses from your personal bank account that were used for the business
If you use subcontractors, confirm they are registered for GST, and provide their ABN number
Motor vehicle expenses for business portion and the percentage of business use (if applicable).
Telephone, Internet or electricity expenses for business portion (if applicable)
Purchase evidence for plant & equipment, office furniture & fixtures
Invitation to access your online file as your accountants (eg. XERO, QuickBooks, MYOB etc).

Every company is different. If additional information is required while we are reviewing and compiling the financial statements, we will let you know.

As always let us know contact us if you require any additional clarification while collecting the documents.